Hardin's Creek Jacob's Well Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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UPC: 080686202011
Brand: Hardin's Creek
Size: 750 ML
Type: Bourbon
Origin: United States
Alc./Vol.: 54% (108 Proof)

Our first edition pays tribute to the well Jacob built in 1795, the foundations of which are visible to this day.

A Blend of two ultra-aged expressions, one regular mash, the other a high-rye. Precious barrels laid down years ago by other hands. Intuitively hand-selected and blended today to achieve a unique depth of flavor heretofore unkown.

It is the distillation of our family tradition-blending centuries of expertise with our vision for the future. Old whiskies passing through new hands.

And now to yours.

Legacy is always in the making.

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