Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (750 ML)

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UPC: 083664864461
Brand: Sailor Jerry
Size: 750 ML
Type: Rum
Origin: United States
Alc./Vol.: 46% (92 Proof)

IN THE PAST, a ship's captain would take a ladle of rum, add gunpowder and ignite it to provide "proof" of the rum's integrity to his crew. Sailor Jerry continues this age-old tradition of serving quality spiced rum to provide an unmatched base for mixed drinks

The brand prides itself on creating spiced rum the old-school way, using an expert blend of carefully chosen spices in high-proof rum for a perfectly balanced liquid.
Crafted after intensive research into historical maritime rums, Sailor Jerry has developed a smooth rum with a rich flavor. The result is a high-proof spirit that's perfect for mixing in your favorite cocktails, including Long Island Iced Teas, Mai Tais and Mojitos.

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